Ramon Enrich: Pellis

"Artworks are reservoirs of energy and light, which emanate over time. "

Ramon Enrich

"We only see what we look at. Merleau-Ponty


The new series is about the skin of a sovereign world, of which Ramon Enrich is the legitimate son of these harsh and generous Catalan lands. Settled in the heart of a city where leather has been produced for hundreds of years, RE has developed an art that reflects a rich history of a simple past... The countryside, made up of solar expanses, is a field of inexhaustible resources for the painter who perceives an original metaphysics in it.


The new series created for Chambre avec vue plays with frames to let the subjects float, which are metaphysical objects that bring us back to the skin of the sensitive world.


The free canvases are residues of memories linked to the olive harvest, to the labour of picking... The rough weaving is made to resist the use of time, wind, rain, sun and finally to that of the painter who comes to inscribe the motifs of his pictorial syntax. They are similar to hangings on which the constituent elements of the landscape: trees, houses, paths, compose a series of signs that sometimes border on abstraction in order to let dreams of the landscape emerge.


The relationship between background and form is essential in RE's approach. By applying layer after layer to create a palimpsest surface, he inscribes a world of signs and colours with a sensitive elegance with a firm and assured line.


Emptiness and fullness dialogue with the wind of the painter's thought... In the absence of human or even animal presence, a sovereign calm reigns. His scenographies are scenes that await the intimate projections of the viewers.


Surveying the abandoned sites of a rural and industrial past, RE collects objects of all kinds that are elements that carry meaning and that he uses to create small sculptures of all materials that complete his pictorial scenario in exclamation marks!


text by Pierre Jaccaud