Welcome at Chambre avec vue - Provence


The Artist Residency

Chambre avec vue is a family structure that was created in 1992 by Pierre Jaccaud en Kamila Regent and acquired by Kristof Lamberigts and Benedicte Reychler in 2020, welcoming artists from all horizons to a warm and supportive atmosphere that facilitates the creative process. The principle of collecting "sensitive traces" lies at the heart of the project, as artists are welcomed in close proximity to their sponsors, resulting in works that have a unique identity linked to the place and the "elective affinities" that arise. The artist residency program provides an opportunity for artists to live and work within the gallery's walls, encouraging collaboration and cultural exchange.


The Gallery

Chambre avec vue is a gallery where the art collection is always in evolution, with artworks being added and sold to collectors. The collection is nomadic in the sense that it does not remain static but continues to evolve over time. The artworks are visible throughout the house, providing a unique experience for visitors. The gallery serves as a platform for sharing discoveries, favorites, and emotions, promoting co-opting and the sharing of the collection. The collection, which has grown over the years, bears witness to the many passages and encounters that have taken place within the gallery's walls.


The House as a Place for Encounters between Artists and Collectors

Located in a small village in the Luberon region of Provence, the 19th century house and its enclosed garden provide an ideal setting for the fusion of visual arts, writing, and music. The house is not just a gallery or a place for artists to create, but also a space for encounters between artists and collectors. By bringing these groups together, Chambre avec vue aims to promote hospitality and exchange, fostering a deeper understanding of the creative process and the role of art in our lives.




28 Rue des Bourgades

84400 Saignon




IG: @chambreavecvue.art

Leo A. Lopez : +32487702586


Opening hours:

May - September: Tuesday to Saturday 15-19h